Most writers think typing 'the end' at the completion of a mss. is the end of their work.


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How Long Does A Consultation Take?

On average, each mss. takes approximately 6 weeks to read and consider, some take longer, some less time.

Reading the mss. is the least intensive step of the process. Once I've read your mss., I then take time to reflect on the story as a whole, and then upon each scene. Only after I'm comfortable with what I know about the story and how I would change it, do I begin making notes.

Sometimes I read a mss. twice to make sure I've understood what the writer is going for. Sometimes I break down the action chapter by chapter so that I can better help the writer construct a plausible plot.

Each mss. and writer requires my help in a different way. Some mss. have taken as long as 6 months to go through, while others I've finished in less than a week.

My goal is to help you tell your story in the very best way. As I edit, I teach, so my writers learn good craft basics and tricks of the trade as they apply to present day markets. I am always available for questions and brainstorming for as long as you need me. I want to help make your story shine and help mold you into the best writer you can be.