Most writers think typing 'the end' at the completion of a mss. is the end of their work.


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Do You Offer Sample Edits? 

If you're not sure whether your material is ready for editing, or if you want to see how I edit before you commit to the process, I will do a sample edit of up to 15 pages for you at no charge. These must be the first 15 pages of your manuscript. If you decide to use my editing services, I will charge the normal rate for those pages at that time. Pages submitted must be in: Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, double-spaced, and with the normal breaks for chapters and/or scenes. You must email me to set up a date for sending your pages to me.

I prefer not to work with poetry or religious/Christian projects because these very specific areas require specialized knowledge and skills. All other classifications and/or genres are welcome.